Global Customs Forum 2012 - São Paulo, Brasil

als Partner der Trusted Trade Alliance möchten wir Sie heute gerne über das Global Customs FORUM 2012, welches vom 18. - 19. September 2012 in São Paulo, Brasil 

Trusted Trade Alliance

The Trusted Trade Alliance is comprised of a global network of professionals located in more than 15 offices on 6 continents across the globe. Providing consulting in the fields of import and export compliance, supply-chain security, and cross-border trade, we also focus on trade advocacy services for the private sector, educational and training programs for both the private and public sector, and technology assessments for companies looking to implement trade software solutions. As part of our commitment to international trade facilitation, since 2007 we have assisted in the organization and delivery of a series of global conferences focused on current issues in cross-border trade, several in partnership with the World Customs Organization.

The Trusted Trade Alliance team includes noted trade compliance professionals with extensive practical experience in setting up successful customs and trade compliance organizations within major multinationals, former senior government officials, the founders of the leading graduate-level customs degree programs globally, and recognized experts who lead training programs for front-line customs officials across the globe. From Mexico City to Paris, from Munich to Sydney, the Trusted Trade Alliance is there, and can assist you in solving the complexities of international trade.

Global Customs Forum 2012 - Keynotes

  • Building Capacity for Secure Processes through Trade Facilitation and Partnerships
  • Customs in the 21st Century
  • Brazil: Creating Economic Growth through Efficient Border Management
  • Mercosur: Accession of Venezuela and Treaties with EU and China
  • Trade Facilitation in Latin America: A Regional Vision for Customs Modernization